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Illegal Busted With $560,000 of Meth:  An illegal alien who had been deported three times last year was caught with seven kilos of methamphetamine in November and is facing trial on drug trafficking charges.  David Neal of the Miami Herald reports that Saul Bustos and Irepan Salgado rolled into Florida with the meth, planning to sell most of it to a contact at an IHOP in Hialeah.  The buyer had contacted Salgado’s brother to set up the deal.  The problem was, the buyer was an undercover drug agent.  After the deal went down, both men were arrested and face 10-years-to-life in federal prison if convicted.  Bustos, who admitted illegally crossing the U.S. border on April 13, 2017, and again on July 6th and 19th, faces additional time.

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